Israel Tour By Christian Guides

Our Israel Tours are Led by Christian Guides and Provide A Unique, Memory-Making, Faith-Building Experience You Will Never Forget!

1. Our Israel Tour Focuses on the Life of Jesus in Israel from a Christian world view for a 10 Day Trip (from departure to return in the United States).

2. We Provide Preparatory Materials Before You Go – user friendly materials/short guides that help you learn about the Bible, Israel, and Jesus.

3. We Provide 2 Christian Guides in Israel – an archaeologist and a pastor (from the U.S.).

Below is a Draft Schedule of Our Christian Guided Tours of Israel:temple

Day 1 – Leave North America for Israel.

Day 2 – Arrive in Tel Aviv at the Ben-Gurion International Airport late Saturday afternoon. Travel in Israel by bus to view the Temple Mount from the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. Then we will stay in a hotel in Bethlehem

Day 3 – We start with Jesus’ birth and explore Herod’s palace outside Bethlehem, then to the Shepherd’s fields, the Church of the Nativity and then to the Israel Museum. In the evening, spend time in the city of Bethlehem enjoying the city.

Day 4 – We will explore what Jerusalem was like when Jesus was at the Temple at age 12 – the remnants of the temple (Dome of the Rock) and the ancient city of Jerusalem.

Day 5 – Early morning trip to the baptism site on the Jordan River (where Jesus was likely baptized). We travel to Samaria for lunch and then up north to Galilee (Jesus’ home and base for his public ministry).

Day 6 – We spend time in Nazareth where Jesus lived and started his public ministry. Morning tour of the Church of the Annunciation (built over Nazareth town where Jesus grew up and lived ), then off to Nazareth Village (a re-created first century village) and then travel to Mt. Arbil, Capernaum, and a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.

Day 7 – Visit the Mount of Beatitudes (location of Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount) Migdal (home of Mary; recent archaeological discovery), and Caesarea Phillipi.

Day 8 – We spend time in ancient Jericho, the place of the upper room and walking trip from the Garden of Gethsemanie and then to Caiaphas’ house.

Day 9 – Early morning visit to the sites of Jesus’ trial and crucifixion, the Church of the Holy Seplchure, the Mount of Asension, the Qumran, and then swim in the Dead Sea.

Day 10 – Visit the holocaust museum and travel to Masada.

Day 11 – Leave Israel to return to North America.

Our Tour Guides:

PDF with details of May 2018 Trip to Israel.

Dr. Bobby Harrington

Jim Putman (pastor, author) and Dr. Bobby Harrington, Pastor and Executive Director of

Price: Tour in Israel $4,100 (Double Occupancy) – $700 Non-Refundable Deposit (to hold limited spots). Flights leaving from Spokane or Nashville May 27th. Personal expenses and insurance not included (lunch every day, travel insurance, Supper last day).

Preparations (Material Included in Price):

Foundations: The Storyline of the Real Jesus, by Bobby Harrington

Jim Putman

15 Audio Teachings on the Archaeology of Jesus’ Life by James Fleming

6 Weekly Preparation Briefs of 7-12 pages (emailed to you the 6 weeks before we leave)
Further details will be explained after trip confirmation

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